Monday, August 1, 2011

How to plow under anything in Farm Town

How to plow under anything
You can plow under trees, flowers, buildings and decorations so there is no need to put anything in storage and mess about bringing them back to your farm when it is done. Leave everything on your farm as is. You may have to move things that don’t hide i.e. some of the trees for decoration don’t hide such as palm tree with lights. These will be the only thing that you have to move into storage for now.
Go to your farm. Now go to the top right of your screen and see the six small icons in squares. You need to go to the one that looks like a spanner ( 4th one along). Turn of trees, flowers, buildings and decorations by unchecking each box and then click the green tick. Refresh your farm by clicking on play (top left, next to send gifts).
Go to the farm you were working on if you did not make it default before. Now just plow one field/one plot anywhere on your farm that you know you can normally plow. Now with the bulldozer delete that one field/one plot. Now you can plow anywhere you like, where trees, buildings, flowers and decorations would normally be showing.
When you have finished plowing go to the spanner and turn back on trees, flowers, buildings and decorations by putting a check in each box.
When it reloads you will see plowing under any obstructions. Hey Presto.
Now you can seed, harvest and plow to your hearts content. The plowed fields will remain there until you decide to delete them.
If you are using the overlapping method and want to plow under things you must make sure that before you start overlapping each farm put one field/one plot and then delete on each open tab otherwise you won’t be able to place your field and will get the red highlight when trying to place near or under hidden things....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Layering Crops in Farm Town

Layering crops

Layering crops is different to overlapping fields. Layering is where you put one crop on top of another on the same farm. You can not however put the same crop on top of each other. Each crop has to be different.
You can lay different harvest time crops or you can lay same harvest time crops. I.e. seed pineapple 3 days, next layer seed pepper 2 days, next layer seed Tea 1 day. OR seed purple grapes 4 hrs, next layer seed green beans 4hrs, next layer beats 4hrs.
Instructions Getting prepared
Go to your farm on Farm Town that you want to work on. Plow your field as normal if it is not already plowed. Hide trees, buildings and flowers. Make sure you have enough fuel because if you run out while planting a field and go and get some it will refresh the game and ruined your layering. You can continue by planting manually but if you have the larger farm it will take a long time. Make this farm your default farm by clicking on your farms name (in the brown oval at the top where your farms name is) a box will appear. Tick the box make this farm default and then click on the green tick.
Now at the top right you have six small icons in squares. Click on the one that looks like a plug 5th one along (it should be green). A box will come up asking if you want to disconnect from farm town mainframe and enter offline mode click the green tick. The plug icon should now be red.
Now go to the top of your page where it says PLAY next to send gifts.
Open a new tab on your browser. You may do this by right clicking on Play and in the drop down menu click on open link in new tab. Or you may have another method of opening new tabs.
Go to the new tab you have opened and you should be on the farm you set as default if you forgot then go to the farm you want to work on. Do the same again with your plug icon set your farm to offline mode.
Now open another tab same way as before. Move to that tab and set your farm again to offline mode.
You may open as many tabs as you like to layer but don’t forget to move to each tab and set as offline. I usually only do 3 or 4 layers as it can get confusing if you do too many but it’s up to you what you can manage. I suggest for beginners you only try it with 2 or 3 until you get more confident.
Now go back to your first tab (far left) plant the longest to harvest seed if you are doing it different harvest times and not the same harvest time. So pineapples would be the first you seed for different harvest time OR one of the same harvest time seeds if you are doing it that way.
Now sow your seeds on the first farm. Wait until all your seeds are planted before moving onto the next step. Click Save once your Avatar has finished seeding every plot. Now close that tab by clicking on the x at end of the tab. You should now see your next tab farm with just normal plowing on it. NO seeding done.
Don’t worry if you see the reconnect to Farm Town mainframe box just click on the red X.
Now follow the instructions again for seeding this farm. So you would seed peppers on this farm OR a different seed if doing same harvest time seeds. Wait until planting is done and then click save and close the tab. Keep following the instructions until your last tab farm you have opened.
Seed your last farm as per instructions except seed tea Or a different seed if doing the same harvest time. Wait until planting is done. NOW instead of turning off the tab if this is your last farm click Save and then  Play tab to refresh your farm. If you have followed the instructions you should see the last seeds you planted.
It is sometimes useful to leave one plowed field top corner plot empty from the second farm and you will see what seeds you have planted underneath on your last farm to seed.
You can either harvest yourself or you can go to the market to get someone to harvest for you. Once you have harvested as normal you need to delete your unplowed fields. Do not Plow. If you did not manage to harvest in time and your top crop is dead but you planted longer harvesting time crop underneath then you need to just delete your fields. Delete your fields using the bulldozer. You should have a totally empty farm. Now either go to one of your other farms and come back to the default farm or click on play at the top near send gifts and when your farm reloads you should have your next lot of crops showing.
Once you have got to your last crops that you layered after you have harvest or someone else has you can then plow and start all over again.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Farm Town Tip: How to Remove Spaces Between Fields

Hello there Farm Town Farmers. I got an email from a Farm Town beginner asking me for a way to remove spaces between fields.

I assume that the email sender refers to the space like the one in the picture below:

And he wants to it to look like one in the picture below:

It's actually not rocket science but honestly, it also took me several days to finally figure out how to do it when I was new in Farm Town.

To remove spaces between fields, simply click on the icon located on the upper right hand corner of your farm.

The "Preference" window will pop up and all you have to do is check the square button where it says "Remove Space Between Fields" then hit the green CHECK button

And that's it! The next time you place fields on your farm, there won't be any more spaces between them. If you want to put the spaces back, just uncheck the "Remove Space Between Fields" button.